Influential Coalition Calls for Global IP Protection

A coalition of 85 think tanks, advocacy groups, and organizations has written to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to push home just how vital copyright is for vibrant economies around the world. The collective spans 51 countries and represents a significant request to develop intellectual property respect on a global scale.

The group, headed up by the Property Rights Alliance, reaffirmed their support for strong IP laws in a letter to the Director General of WIPO, Dr. Francis Gurry (pictured below, right, with actor Javier Bardem).


The communication covers eight key areas that the collective organizations believe cut to the heart of copyright’s social and economic benefits. These are:

  • Rule of Law, Property, and a Transparent Political Environment are the Foundation of Fair and Prosperous Societies
  • Intellectual Property Rights are Affirmed in International Treaties as a Human Right
  • Intellectual Property Rights Promote Free Speech and Expression
  • Intellectual Property Rights are Integral to Consumer Protection and Global Security
  • Strong Intellectual Property Rights and Contractual Freedom Promote Free and Competitive Markets
  • Intellectual Property Rights are Vital to Economic Competitiveness
  • Intellectual Property Rights Must Be Protected Through Effective IP Provisions in Trade Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Rights Must Be Respected and Protected on the Internet

As a set of guiding principles and touchstones for a stronger society, this is a compelling list. It’s all too easy to limit our thinking around copyright and intellectual property to piracy of music and movies, but the reality is that IP lies at the heart of our culture.

This is because strong copyright law drives creativity.Local access, global network

Knowing that what we create is protected by law and, accordingly, that we can leverage it for economic gain if a market exists, develops an environment in which creative minds can flourish.

They understand not only that their work will be respected, but that it will be protected so that they can build a career upon it, rather than just dabble as a hobbyist.

The letter echoes this sentiment in its conclusion:

“Advanced societies have long understood that by protecting the proprietary rights of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, they were promoting the greater public welfare. “

Urging the maintenance and development of intellectual property safeguards for the next generation, the letter neatly sums up the challenge facing creators on a global scale. With such rapid advancement of technology as we have seen in the last few decades, protecting the core concepts of IP becomes more important than ever.

Doing so on a global scale is even more challenging, but equally offers enormous potential for developing and developed markets alike.

The World Intellectual Property Organization is uniquely placed to guide treaty discussion and policy on the international stage, and it can aid creative minds everywhere by heeding the guidance laid out in the coalition’s letter.


3 thoughts on “Influential Coalition Calls for Global IP Protection

  1. Michael Lanning

    I am a Vocalist/Songwriter/Actor/Musician and have been in the business of entertainment for over 50 years (I started when I was 9 in Civic Light Opera) I was in it for the joy of it, and after, at the age of 22, hanging out with George Harrison for a year and a half (he signed us to his Dark Horse records label and was in the studio with us as our Executive Producer, besides, he liked our “vibe”) I realized watching him deal at dinner with his fans and such, that I did not want to be that famous. But I do want to make a living at what I love and am clearly good at! I want to be paid what’s owed to me, as does any other craftsman! I had to diversify and sing jingles for 12 years, also ended up on Broadway twice, fulfilling a dream I had when I was 9-12. My story is a “Be careful what you wish for” tale, for time is linear and you never know when/how dreams will come true. Intellectual property is no different than any other property, for it needs to be protected. Thank you for your time.

  2. Nick Hammond

    I believe that content on the internet should be global, at least among nations that respect copyright & there should be a payment system that allows a copyright owner to collect royalties. Simple as that!

  3. Eddie González Zegarra

    Por un tiempo estuve digitatizando mis propias canciones (soy compositor) que estaban grabadas en vinil, con un tornamesa que traía el software necesario para eso, estas no sé porqué, se archivaban automáticamente en ITunes. Ahora que Apple está dando acceso de prueba por tres meses a su servicio de streaming: Apple Music, entré para ver que traía, me sorprendí cuando me enviaron toda la música que archivé en ITunes y ahora, forma parte del archivo gigante, por el que, tengo entendido ellos van a cobrar después. ¿No es esto una violación de la propiedad intelectual?.


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